Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pretty pretty phone

I use my cell every day, million times a day, and my little Sanyo has served me well. But unfortunately I am starting to think I'd like a blue-tooth compatible one, so I've been keeping my eyes open for new phones on the market. And today I spotted this beauty-- new exclusive phone from Motorola. Inspired by luxury jewelry brands, Aura has a lot to be proud of. It has beautifully etched stainless steel body, world's first 16 million color circular display that is covered with a sapphire crystal lens. And thats of course in addition to all the now-common features, like stereo bluetooth, camera, USB port, multimedia player.... To top it off, it has swiss-made main bearing and over 700 individual components. Pretty impressive, and it has an impressive price of $2000. Motorola is mighty proud of this product. And they should be-- luxury watches, luxury cars, luxury anything... and now they've opened the door to the new luxury market-- phones. Smart! And very beautiful!

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