Friday, October 31, 2008

BIG is cool

Lately I've really been into math. No, not solving problems, or giving headaches to those allergic to it. I am talking about the perfect things in math... like impossible shapes and perfect proportions. So just as my fascination with things like mobius strip started dieing down, I found a late project by a dutch studio called BIG. Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG - is a Copenhagen based group that creates very awesome conceptual architecture projects. So they took my dreams of doing something cool with a mobius strip and did it-- it is a concept for the Danish pavilion in Shanghai EXPO 2010. It is not just an exhibit space, it is an introduction to the lifestyle. It presents Copenhagen's best attractions--the city bike, the harbor bath, the ecological picnic...The structure will present a linear exhibition following a continuous curve, when the second loop will offer a roof terrace, bike parking and a velodrome. Loops of the structure are designed to be interconnected t create continuity between inside and outside--pedestrians and bicyclists. During the expo there will be 1500 city bikes available for the visitor's use, and they will be able to ride, to smell the seawater from the Copenhagen harbor that will fill the harbor bath, and view the original Little Mermaid sculpture that will be placed at the heart of it. I wish I could be there for that Expo, because I really want to experience what that pavilion feels like. Hopefully a little breath of sustainability will go a long way. Good work BIG!

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