Monday, October 13, 2008

Money well spent

I was browsing through a few pieces of advertising design recently brought to the world by the Polish offices of LOWE. Most are very quirky, very bright pieces of advertising, but some of them were rather plain, which made me wonder if hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on those campaigns were really worth it. But immediately after I saw a collection of ads put together by An jay at Smashing Gaps. So the final word on the money spent is that is totally worth every penny! Here are some of my favorites...
Healthier Scotland
Monster.Com - Stuck in the wrong job
Nintendo - GameBoy Advance

Braun - Why work when you can create?
Career Junction - Put your skills to better use
Against Abuse Inc - More than 300,000 children are sexually abused in Germany every year.
Fiat - Uncover life. Fiat stilo with sky window
Dove - Unstick your style

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